The incarnation process explained

“What happens when an individual comes into this world?

They move into a perspective of physicality. As a consciousness, as an awareness, they choose to allow themselves to become physical.

Now, it is not that they themselves become physical, it is that they become part of physical. So they extend themselves into a physical presence.

Yes, there is sperm and the egg who have come together and created a physical construct that has, to some degree, a body consciousness. But in order to have a full ego consciousness, then the self must choose to extend itself into that construct. As it does so, it begins to observe, create a perspective of self that is often called ‘ego’ and as such therefore, allows that perspective to develop.

So as you come through the birthing canal in most cases – in some cases before but in most cases as you move through the birthing canal – the consciousness inhabits the physical construct. And then ego is created. Judgment begins.

In some cases, judgment begins a month or two even before the actual birthing canal. In some cases, even younger. For example, premature babies. Often times, the moment of prematurity is a moment when an essence, such as yourselves, will inhabit such a body in order to experience prematurity. And so, in some cases that experience leads to death, in other cases it leads to life.

It doesn’t matter to the self what the experience is, it is the ego through its judgment that interprets it and therefore, with judgment, creates an attachment to life. To the self, it is just an experience that can be re-experienced at any time. That can be experienced differently. That can be experienced the same. Regardless, it’s just an experience.

As you move through this whole process then, the essence incarnated extended into an ego, the ego then begins to develop a personality. This personality starts to move. It grows. It expands through judgments and choices. And as a result, it alters and shifts from its original creation that ego was.

A number of questions that have been asked and posed by a number of scientists is, at the moment of birth, is there as part of the consciousness created ego, is there a continuity of personality? No. Is there a continuity of awareness? Yes, which is why often times individuals, from the moment of birth, seem to be of a certain form of personality. They seem to have a certain expression. They seem, to the judgment of the parents and the family around them, they seem to have an expression different from others…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from series #865: The Interconnection Of People At The Moment Of Birth