The Road Less Traveled

“You are beginning and embarking on a journey that has taken millennia for humanity to move towards. This is a journey that not all individuals are prepared to embark on. They, in fact, would rather ignore this journey.

They would rather stay within the life that they see their lives to be. They would rather be able to manipulate and control reality. They would rather create more money, more fame, more glory. They would rather have more boyfriends and girlfriends, more husbands and wives, more children.

They perceive themselves that, if they accumulate wealth, they are better off. They see themselves as poor and relish in their poverty. Some see themselves as wealthy and would prefer to control all of humanity if they can.

But no one is really, truly willing to explore themselves from a spiritual perspective…”

– The Wonders


From the year’s first Tuesday study group.

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