This is what most people call love

“What you call love, dear friends, is in truth an experience based on fear. Based on the avoidance of love.

Take a look. Take a look at how you define your love in your existence. Love for many people is about proprietorship, ownership – it is about getting the other to do what you want. It is about ensuring that another fulfills your needs, your desires, as you often times try to fulfill theirs.

You see love as giving of yourself and you give of yourself because you fear – notice the word fear here – you fear not giving of yourself. You fear that someone would not give to you if you didn’t give to them.

You don’t experience love on the basis of choice. You experience love on the basis of fear. And then you use fear and say to yourselves, ah, look at this, I’ve chosen love.

But in truth what you’ve chosen is fear. You’ve chosen to experience an avoidance of love because the love is not complete. It is not whole. It’s not absolute. It’s conditional. It’s limited. And it’s only love under certain circumstances.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from series 228: The Inter-Relationship Of Fear And Judgment