Understanding the process of reintegration with soul essence that occurs after death

“It is to reintegrate all the awarenesses you have gained throughout your existence.

When you incarnate, your soul essence extends itself into a consciousness called ‘you’. And in this consciousness, of course, it has free will and free choice. Soul essence cannot interfere. It can suggest, it can encourage, it can even guide. But it still cannot interfere.

And so, you have free will and free choice, and as a result of this, you choose certain experiences, you make certain choices, you move from one choice to another choice in a certain direction and a certain methodology and technique, and the resultant is you gain a great deal of knowledge from all this. A great deal of awareness.

So the awarenesses you’ve gained from your existence must be reintegrated with soul essence so that soul essence can, in and of itself, expand and in the expansion process perceive whether it has a desire to choose to incarnate again.

And so the process is imperative for the growth of soul essence.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from podcast #070111: Audience Questions: Death, Consciousness, and Energy