Understanding your sexual energy

“You are by the very nature of yourselves sexual beings.

You came into this world with a sexual energy, part of which is to be used to explore this existence. It’s one of the reasons you came here.

If you didn’t want to explore sexual energy, why would you incarnate as human beings with sexual parts? Why would you incarnate into an existence that uses sexual energy as a way of moving itself from one point to another?

We assure you, dear friends, if there was no desire to explore sexual energy, you wouldn’t incarnate into this dimension of reality.

Third dimensional reality, not only is a perspective of time and space, it also has an ability to explore sexual energy. This is where part of it resides. It resides in other dimensions as well, but it does reside, a good portion of it, in third dimensional reality.

And it allows you, as a soul essence, allows you to explore it more willingly, more directly, and with less blockages…”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from podcast episode #061116