What happens when you see yourself as NOT good enough

“You cannot change yourself by changing the world around you. You must change yourself and the world around you will change.

This is why we constantly say to people look at yourself. Not to see yourself as the center of the universe or the center of everything around you, but look at yourself and realize that by looking at yourself and observing yourself and appreciating yourself and shifting who you are, how you perceive yourself, you then will change everything around you.

How many people go around and see themselves as poor?

They’re not good enough to make money. They’re not good enough to accept more. You see? So when they look at themselves they say, ‘I’m not good enough to accept more.’

Well, guess what?

They don’t get a whole lot of more around them, do they? And what they do get, they see themselves as not good enough so they don’t ever accept it, do they?

So why would the universe give you a whole abundance of money, as an example, when you see yourself as not being good enough to accept anything.

So think about it. Would you look at opportunities that would give you money? Would you put yourself into a circumstance where there is money?

How many people do you know that look at somebody and say, ‘Man, that guy’s got the Midas touch. Everything he touches makes money.’ Well why does everything he touch make money? Because he seems himself good enough to make money. You see?

So they envy this person. They dream of being this person. They think to themselves, oh I’d like to be just like him. But they never make the choices to be like him. They keep on dreaming, and they stick themselves into that dream state and then they say to themselves, ‘but I’m not good enough.’

And so they go on in life perceiving themselves as not good enough so, of course, they’re not going to make choices that bring money easily to them, will they? They’ll make choices that brings money to them, but they have to work at it.

How many people do you know that have the psychology that they must work hard for their money?

Most people in North America come from immigrant families that have migrated from European stock. They struggled. They had to fight the elements to get to North America. They had to fight the elements in North America to survive. And they had to fight in order to maintain themselves. So yes, their whole lives are a struggle, aren’t they?

And it’s been passed down from generation to generation to generation that the whole concept of fighting is a noble cause. It’s something that has been bred into you. It’s part of your blood, it’s part of your history, it’s part of your line, it’s part of who you are. Your father struggled, your grandfather struggled, your great grandfather struggled, and you’re going to struggle. You see? There’s a pride in the struggle.

Well when that happens, guess what? Your life becomes a struggle because the only way you can see yourself and define yourself and observe yourself is if there is a struggle to […] measure yourself against.

You look at yourself and you say, ‘I am strong and powerful because I can overcome these adversity in my life.’ Your sense of power comes from overcoming adversity. Well if there’s no adversity, how would you know your power?

So the resultant is they put all of their energy, all of their effort, into overcoming a struggle to prove to themselves how sufficient they are, how capable they are, how good enough they are.

But they’re not realizing that through the rest of their life they’re going around saying, ‘I’m not good enough to accept this, I’m not good enough to accept that, I’m not good enough to do this, I’m not good enough to do that, I’m not good enough to try this, I’m not good enough to try that.’”

– The Wonders


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