What is spirituality?

“Spirituality is the choice made to express yourself completely. That’s all it is.

Now, people will say, well I express myself completely. Do you? Do you really express all that you are?

Or do you hide parts of yourself?
Do you limit other parts of yourself?
Do you have fear?
Do you have perspectives of lack inside of you?
Do you yearn, do you hunger, do you thirst?

If those things exist, you’re not expressing yourself completely, are you?

And spiritual growth is about making choices that allow you to express yourself completely, that take you in that direction, that reawaken you to what all that you are is.

That’s what spiritual growth is.

So what you’re trying to do is unshackle your minds, unshackle your awareness, unshackle yourselves so that the choices you’re making reflect this vulnerable, complete, open self that you are.”

– The Wonders


Listen to the audio clip here.

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