Who created heaven and hell?

“Some would argue that had it not been for the shift to the worshipping of one god that humanity would not have accelerated to the point that it has today, and we would suggest to you dear friends that’s sheer poppycock.

That is quite simply great advertising on the parts of those individuals that would have you believe that.

In moving to the one god perspective, any deviation from the edicts of individuals who said it came from the one god was viewed as a sin. And it was presented to the human consciousness that in order to save your souls, the only way you could save yourself was to follow every edict to its absolute.

And so the result came about that individuals who by their very nature were more creative, more independent, more willing to think for themselves, they were cast out, called sinners, and through your history – you can read about it – often times sought out and eliminated, killed, because what better way to get rid of the opposition than to kill the free thinkers?

Unfortunately, for those individuals who were part of that religious perspective, they didn’t count on the fact that people keep reincarnating. And so creativity and independence keeps coming back.

And what has occurred is in your society, in the societies that are based on the religious perspectives of one god, anything that is not part of that worshipping of the one god is viewed as a sin.

Sexuality, which is really from the perspective of your religious perspectives a worshipping of the human body, is in effect viewed as a sin. The resultant is the more you move to enjoy your body, the more you move to appreciate your physicality, the more you look to appreciate that you are incarnated physical beings, the more that your religious perspective says you will go to hell.

Now, heaven and hell were two concepts that were created in order to present the carrots to you. What that means is quite simply that in order to convince individuals, humanity to follow the edicts of one god, two concepts were presented.

The first that everything that they could desire, nirvana in effect, everything that you could possible imagine that was good to yourselves would occur after your death if you only sacrificed yourself now. That was called heaven.

And for those that didn’t sacrifice themselves, who didn’t follow the edicts, who didn’t follow the letters of the law, who were the free thinkers, who were the creators of existence, who were different, those would go to hell.

And hell was such a nasty place to go because that would be where nothing that you desired you could get. So think of it. On one hand, everything that you desired, on the other hand, absolutely nothing you desired. What better way to control the human consciousness than to present this concept and to convince you that it was real.

How did they convince you? By making pronouncements.

‘This person is a sinner and will go to hell. This person is a martyr, will go to heaven. This person has set themselves aside, has denied themselves all their lives, has for the greater good of humanity, they will be in heaven immediately.’

‘This person has given to themselves, has satisfied their own needs while they were on the planet Earth, has satisfied their own desires, has succumbed to their physical human desires, they are sinners and will go to hell. Because after all, there’s nothing left to get so you might as well go to hell.’

So hell was viewed from the perspective of your existence where really you could achieve nothing. Everything was denied to you. And heaven was viewed as the perspective where everything was given to you. Nothing was denied.

And you may laugh at this and snicker, but we assure you dear friends that these concepts are inside your psychologies. This is what rules your choices today. This is what in effect brings you to that point of saying, ‘I choose this over that…’”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series 481: Understanding Heaven And Hell