Why are some better at expressing their feelings?

“Why is it that some people are ‘so good at controlling their feelings’ and others are ‘so good at expressing their feelings’?

Because the mind itself controls the emotional aspect of the body. Now, emotions themselves are the subject of a totally new workshop. We assure you. However, for purposes of this particular workshop, let us provide you with this perspective. That emotions themselves reside in the unconscious, subconscious, and conscious portion of the mind but they can be controlled by the conscious portion of the mind quite easily.

Therefore, it isn’t that emotions themselves reside outside of the mind and are controlled by the mind, it is that they reside within the mind and are controlled by the mind. The mind creates a perspective of emotion from within itself and therefore, emotion itself by its very definition is in effect the ability to manifest, emote. Manifest.

The mind takes a thought, and manifests that thought within the physical body, within the emotional body, and within the mental body. And as a result it is perceived as an emotion.

An emotive reaction itself is very controllable by the mind, we assure you. The mind, through the conscious, can easily control the emotive reaction. And as a result, therefore, the mind is in control.

View it from this perspective. Individuals finding themselves in circumstances that create panic within themselves, often times viewed as panic attacks, they find themselves unable to control their reaction.

It isn’t that they are unable to. It is that they’ve chosen not to.

The mind itself has not been given the direction to control that particular physical, mental, and emotional reaction at that particular point in time. As a result, therefore, they perceive that which they describe as panic attacks. And we assure you, they are very real for the individual.

But the individual that is in command of the mind can simply choose to alter the reaction. The body will not react in a panicked way. There may be an awareness of circumstance, of fear, of a great deal of fear, but we assure you the awareness does not translate into a reaction within the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

As a result, therefore, the mind can control this. The mind creates the panic attack. The mind can also uncreate it. It is the mind that creates panic attacks for it is a mind that is allowed to reflect upon itself without direction that moves the totality of the self to the perspective of panic.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series 169: Understanding The Mind