Why can’t I change my reality?

“Most of you reinforce moment by moment the same reality that you exist in because you are unwilling to move beyond it.

You are unwilling to move beyond it because you are attached to it. This is your creation. You did it. Not somebody else. Not something else. You. And so, you take ‘pride’ in your creation.

And we assure you that pride is not just a human physical emotion. It is very much a perspective of creation.

And so, because you perceive the reality you’ve created, and you are aware it is your creation, you remain attached to your creation. You want it. You enjoy it. You’ve spent a great deal of effort making it just the way you want, so why change it?

So moment by moment when you imagine, there is no will to imagine differently. And if there is a will to imagine differently, it is only that certain portions will be imagined differently.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from Series 180: The Nature Of Reality