Why did people begin praying?

“Prayer came about not because the gods came down and said, if you pray you’ll get this, not because God/Goddess/The All That Is said, if you pray you will get this, not because one individual, having created prayer, said by doing this, I got that.

It came about dear friends because an individual who had created a perspective of religion and placed themselves into a perspective of power used the concept of prayer in order to ensure that the followers that would give him power would continue to give him power by praying to that entity that he or she – in this particular case, it was a he – represented.

And as a result of this, [he] said this is a methodology, this is a technique. Pray to the entity that I represent, and if the entity favors your prayer, through me you will get it.

And so became the concept of prayer. So began the illusion under which individuals have disempowered themselves for millennia and millennia.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from our latest podcast episode On Prayer (140119)