Why do I experience fear?

“We’ve suggested and it has been suggested by others that third dimensional reality is a reality in which fear exists. And true, it does.

However, at no time have we ever suggested that it is a given that every individual in existence will have fear.

That third dimensional reality is a reality in which fear is experienced is true. But that doesn’t mean that you have to have it. That means that if you choose to, you can experience it.

And if you view it from this perspective, dear friends, you will recognize that each and every one of you chooses to experience fear. It is a choice you make.

Most of you have not made this consciously but we assure you it is a choice you’ve made. Some of your fears you’ve chosen consciously. Some of your fears you have yet to choose consciously. But you have chosen.

And so as a result then, we would suggest begin to observe the circumstances, the situations that bring about the choice to experience fear. As we did say, third dimensional reality gives you an opportunity to experience fear.

It isn’t a given that you will. And so then, that which separates or differentiates one from experiencing fear and one from not experiencing fear is simply choice.”

– The Wonders


Excerpt from series 228: The Inter-Relationship Of Fear And Judgment