Wishing but never choosing money

“When you look at money, you see it as something away from you, outside of you with such a perspective as to be greater than that which you yourselves are deserving, are able to realize, or are willing to accept.

As a result, therefore, you find yourselves wishing and never choosing.

We could end this workshop here and literally that would be sufficient to shift and alter your consciousness. But then we know none of you would be willing to do so. You want more justification. You want more analysis. More explanation. More knowledge.

You want more which is what you do with money, you always want more.

Now, we’re not saying that you can’t have more, we’re not saying you don’t deserve more, we’re saying you want more. But as you know in your studies with ourselves, when you want something, you have to choose it to get it.

How many of you actually choose money?”

– The Wonders


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