The World’s Best Channeled Source was created to share the teachings of The Wonders, a channeled consciousness that has been speaking through Réné Gaudette since the mid 1990s as he lies back in a deep-trance state.

Whether you’re familiar with channeling or psychics or whether you’re sitting there wondering what “channeled” actually means, we can assure you a conversation with The Wonders will be different than any you've had before.

Amongst channelers and psychics, The Wonders are the deepest and broadest channeled source you can interact with today. They offer you a perspective different than that which you have in everyday life and can provide you with ideas and possibilities you had not previously considered.

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An amazing interview with
Rene & Maggie on The Moore Show.

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In 1998, The Wonders began to share their perspectives on health, the state of our food and water systems, and ways to maintain our physical well-being. They have since discussed everything from vitamins to supplements, dietary suggestions best suited to support the physical body and extend longevity, to suggestions for daily exercises. This free booklet introduces you to The Wonders’ Health Protocol, a daily protocol that has helped thousands of individuals rebalance their health, regain their vitality, and maintain a feeling of youthfulness.


The Wonders presented six defining statements that would define for humanity all of existence. Today, these statements form the basis of all of their teachings. A great introduction to The Wonders and their teachings.