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Our vision is to help you create the life you've always dreamed of.

The Wonders are a collective consciousness.
né Gaudette is a life coach and the deep-trance channeler of The Wonders.
The Wonders Team are the group of individuals working every day to maintain this site, the online store, social media and to support Réné in his efforts to keep channeling.

Everything we do is designed to provide you with access to the largest personal growth & development resource ever made.

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Independent Studies

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Personalized Consultations

Life coaching and personal growth
through Réné and The Wonders.

Réné Gaudette has been assisting clients in personal and professional growth and development for over 27 years. Prior to becoming a life coach, for over 20 years he ran an accounting firm while also offering his clients business management consultation services. He started his own journey of personal growth in 1989 when he was in a snowmobiling accident that changed his life. After intense physical, mental and emotional trauma, he realized he had no time left to keep putting off his spiritual growth. He has been intensely dedicated to changing his life ever since.

By sharing his experiences and channeling The Wonders, Réné has helped thousands of individuals change their lives and discover the answers they have not been able to find elsewhere. He has created a collection of over 2,000 audio recordings designed to assist listeners in their personal growth as well as their professional growth. Réné is now dedicating his time to life coaching and he works with individuals to achieve the levels of both personal as well as professional development that they dream of creating.

Consulting for professional and spiritual growth.


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