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Private Sessions

one-on-one conversations with the wonders

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15 minutes

USD $275.00

30 minutes

USD $550.00

What can I ask The Wonders?

You can ask anything.
Here are some ideas.

The Wonders answer every question you will ask them. You can ask about your personal health, your business and/or career path, your relationships, the opportunities that are coming into your life, etc., etc. 

We recommend your questions reflect the answers you are seeking. If a question is open-ended, The Wonders may give you counseling through a very broad perspective. If you are looking for something more focused and specific, ask them a more direct question, to elaborate, explain or feel free to even ask the question in a different way.

If you want to ask about another individual during your session, The Wonders will ask you to locate them using their name, date of birth and where they live. If you want to ask about a business, The Wonders will ask you to provide the name and address of that as well.

If you are not sure what to ask, we invite you to view the sample questions we put together that we hope will help get you started.

Private Sessions with The Wonders
The Wonders

Private Sessions with The Wonders

How does the process work?

Here are some things to expect and prepare for on the day of your session.

Here are some things to expect and prepare for on the day of your counseling session.

The day before your session, we will send you instructions and a link to attend a private Zoom meeting room. We ask that you please be in the room by your scheduled session time.

You will be able to see Réné during the entire video call. After Réné goes into his trance, Maggie will locate you using your name, date of birth and where you are at the time of the session. She will let you know when to start asking questions.

Payments are made at the time of booking, prior to your scheduled session. We accept payment through PayPal and by credit card.


Maggie sets a timer only once you starting speaking to The Wonders. If there are any technical difficulties during the call, Maggie will pause the timer until they are resolved and you can continue speaking to The Wonders.

After your session, you will receive an email with a link to download your session recording. Please know that your session recordings are completely confidential. We never listen to, share or otherwise use the recording.

How often can I get counseling sessions?

You can have sessions as often you want. Book anything from just a one time session to recurring sessions such as once a week, month or year.

The Wonders are there for you to the degree you want them to be.

Some people have regular counseling sessions to continue exploring. For example, if you are dealing with a health issue and The Wonders provide you a health protocol, you can touch base with them regularly for counseling sessions to not only see how you are doing but also to ask for any updates to the protocol as well. You can also continue exploring the root causes that brought about the disease or ailment in the first place.

The Wonders can be your guides and mentors in whatever you're looking to do, whether it be your health, understanding and improving your relationships, growing your business, changing your career path or anything else. The results will speak for themselves with the help of counseling.

In private sessions with The Wonders, you have the opportunity to ask The Wonders specific questions about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

The Wonders offer private counseling that is unprecedented in that you can address every area of your life in every session. 

With this form of individual counseling, The Wonders work one-on-one with you to support you in your personal growth and development progress. These counseling sessions offer you the space to discuss private and personal matters that you would not discuss in our public sessions and events.

Counseling Sessions Offering Private Counseling and Individual Counseling.

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