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Sample Questions

We encourage you to make your own questions, but here are some ideas to help get you started.

Complete Confidentiality

Remember that private sessions with The Wonders are never used, shared or published. This is a completely private conversation between you and them.


My company is looking to improve its market position and/or productivity. What can be done to accomplish this?

My company is headed for a strike. Can this be resolved?

What is holding my company back from generating even more profit?

What is the biggest structural difficulty within my company?

My company took an immense hit from recent economic changes. What can I do to recover as quickly as possible?

Can you help me explore my career options? Which would be best for me?

I'd like to improve my job position in my company. What can I do to accomplish this?

What more can I do to turn my passion into a career?

What would help me become even more creative?

​I am struggling to make more money. Is there anything you can suggest that would help me?


Can you comment on my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health?

Can you please provide me with a health protocol specifically for my body?

What do you suggest would help me/my child/my friend/etc. with cancer/arthritis/addiction/etc.?

Is there anything that can help my chronic _________?

What are the root causes of my health difficulties?

Why am I deathly afraid of _________?

Why do I have such intense anxiety/stress/depression/etc.?

What is holding me back from being healthy?

There's nothing physically wrong with me but I feel like I have no energy. Why is this happening?

I have taken vitamin supplements, done regular exercise, followed a healthy diet, reduced my stress levels and still I feel like I am not as healthy as I can be. What else is affecting my health?


I've always had a dream to do ________. But I am afraid to pursue it/I don't believe it's possible. What would happen if I were to move in this direction now?

Why am I not creating the life I have always envisioned for myself?

I can't seem to improve or change my life. What is holding me back and how do I change this?

What is stopping me from being happy right now?

Why do I feel like I am missing something in my life?

Why do I feel unfulfilled in my marriage/work/sense of self?

Other than my work and my family, I don't feel like my life has purpose. Is there more for me to explore and experience?

What would give me true joy?

I feel like I have spent decades not doing what I love and just getting through life. At this stage in my life, what can I do to start creating and living my own life?

What can you give me that would be of the greatest benefit to me at this time?


Why do most of my relationships feel draining?

Why do I always feel like I have to please everybody around me?

Why do I put so much effort into acting a certain way when I am with other people?

Why do all of my primary relationships eventually end?

Why do I keep finding myself surrounded by the same types of people? What can I do to meet more people I feel connected to and whose company I can easily enjoy?

What can I do to help make it easier for me to interact with others?

Why do I still struggle so much with public speaking?

What can I do to become more inclusive of everyone around me?

What can I do to improve my relationship with my spouse/friend/sibling/partner/etc.?

What can I do to find a life partner who I am passionate about and who I can easily enjoy being with?

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