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Teacher Program

the next level of growth with the wonders

Uncover what holds you back in your own life, then help others do the same.

Becoming a teacher requires you to realize everything about yourself. To achieve this self-realization,
you will face the limitations you have learned and accepted, and then move beyond them.

How far you are willing to explore will determine your level of certification.

The Wonders’ teacher program is designed to help you integrate the material you have learned into your daily life. 

In this teacher training course, you will work directly with Réné and The Wonders as you progress to each level of the program. After you complete the initial teacher training portion, you will move on to the professional and certified teacher development area. 

After completing both sections, you will have not just the knowledge but also the experience of The Six Defining Statements and your own personal expression of them in your life. 


Teacher Training and Professional Development.


Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Program Breakdown

Here's how it works

Beginning Session
Estimated cost:USD $1,600.00 - USD $2,400.00

The Wonders personally tailor the program to your uniquely chosen direction.The Wonders will help you expand upon your ideas and provide guidance on areas of your life that would have the greatest benefit.

Private Sessions
USD $800.00 per session

You will have 2-4 private sessions with Réné and The Wonders to further explore your fears and any remaining blockages that act as roadblocks in your life.

Teacher Workshops
USD $3,800.00 per workshop

These are customized workshops designed to assist you in your efforts to maintain and/or achieve the next level of your certification.

Level Certification Session
USD $1,600.00 per session

The Wonders are the only certifying body for this program. You will work one-on-one directly with them to determine your advancement through the program.

Image by Isaac Ibbott

Level Breakdown

Here's how YOU LEVEL UP

There are two teacher designations:
Apprentice Teacher and Certified Teacher

There are six levels for each designation for which you are certified, meaning there are twelve levels in the entire program.

Higher levels require deeper explorations of yourself. The six levels of each designation are based on The Six Defining Statements of Existence. Hence, Level 1 relates to your ability to integrate and apply the first statement, Level 2 relates the same to the second, etc., etc.

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