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Excerpt from Series #1333: Though You See What Is In Front Of You, You Cannot See YourselfRéné Gaudette
00:00 / 20:21

The Wonders explore the process of reincarnation and what it means to experience this reality without limits.


Excerpt from Series #1329: Grand Events, Small Movements. Small Events, Grand Movements.Réné Gaudette
00:00 / 14:01

The Wonders describe this as one of the most important sessions they have ever completed.

They explore what fear really is, what happens to the mind after the body dies, and much more.


Excerpt from Series #1324: Give Yourself The Opportunity To Be Different Audio ClipRéné Gaudette
00:00 / 08:37

The Wonders describe what they will be exploring next.

Up to this point, The Wonders have created a collection of recordings designed to help individuals and humanity as a whole realize and exercise their ability to choose. Next, they will be taking an entirely different direction.


Excerpt from Series #1320: Playing At Being Serious Réné Gaudette
00:00 / 04:55

The Wonders explore the power of happiness and how the only limits to happiness are the ones that you yourself choose to apply to it. 

But this clip is not actually about that. This clip is just really funny. Sometimes, you just need a good laugh.


Excerpt from Series #1312: You've Been Told, You've Realized, What Do You Choose?Réné Gaudette
00:00 / 08:41

An exploration of how the subconscious fear of being a failure stops you from even beginning to remove your limits. This fear affects your understanding of the idea of "limitlessness" and stops you from continuously and endlessly exploring the third defining statement, "I Am Limitless, My Choices Reflect My Limitlessness."


Excerpt from Series #1316: And So It Began, And So It Will BeRéné Gaudette
00:00 / 14:57

The Wonders explore the interconnection between limitlessness and all of existence. They also delve into why Réné has been leading many of the events and how this fits into the entirety of The Wonders' library and its importance in helping you move beyond your limits.


Excerpt from Series #1308: A New Way To ParentRéné Gaudette
00:00 / 14:12

An exploration of victimhood, why society is moving more and more in this direction and how seeing yourself as a victim stops you from choosing.

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