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Personal Development

ANNUAL explorations with the wonders

In a workshop, The Wonders open up every session to anything the participants choose to bring up. By attending these two-day events, you set the tone of every exploration.

You can explore every topic The Wonders have ever explored in our online store.

Personal Development Workshops and Program: Improving Personal Growth Through Workshops with a Personal Development Coach.

Experimental workshops with The Wonders are events where The Wonders have a conversation with participants about topics beyond personal growth and development. The workshop topics and discussions are based off of the discourse between The Wonders and the live audience.

In the past, participants mostly asked The Wonders questions about their personal growth. As a result, most of the series in the online store are personal development workshops. If you listen to the entire collection of audio recordings we have in the store, you will have completed the entirety of The Wonders’ personal growth and development program.

Image by Alonso Navarro

A Conversation About...


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