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Digging Past The Blockages That Define You

Study Groups

 All monthly study groups are moderated by The Wonders. Each study group, held on the first Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each month, forms part of an overarching annual exploration. Each session is an interactive exploration of the evening topic led by The Wonders. All meetings are held over ZOOM, allowing you to attend from anywhere in the world. 


Digging Past The Blockages That Define You


So this will be an exploration of, really, the very fabric and core essence of yourselves. You must come to each of the sessions prepared to answer the title of the session. And by that we don’t mean banalities, we do mean deep, purposeful, conscious answers.

This will be a session to set aside a great number of beliefs, behaviors and patterns that exist within you, if you choose. And this will also be a session where the possibility of allowance, of beingness, is potentially explored.


Finding The Path Through Struggle, Love And Nothingness

This will be a series that will encompass many constructs around fear, judgment, guilt; mostly the journey to find the clarity that can lead you to live a life of inclusivity, not exclusivity. It will also explore constructs and ideas and psychologies that you find yourselves struggling with that in and of themselves impact you on a daily basis and that, regardless of choice, you seem to not be able to overcome.

It will require all of you to be present – fully conscious – in each session and, of course, apply yourselves between sessions to not just the ideas that we’ve spoken of but to the choices you yourselves will make.


Pulling The Thread Of Life



So this will be an exploration of rediscovery – of discovery, really, in your own way, new constructs for yourselves, new ideas. 

It will require your individual attention to every session – preparation, questioning, coming prepared with your own awareness, your own understandings, challenging yourselves beyond what you know and finding for yourselves the aspect of existence that reframes you into a new construct of sufficiency. 

Yes, and then we’ll continue that discussion in the following year. It will be centered more on the construct of sufficiency with a new awareness. But that’s provided you choose to go there.

JAN 05

Who Are You? 

FEB 02

When You Bake A Cake, Sometimes You Miss

MAR 02

Digging Into The Limitations That You Presently Live Under

APR 06

Nothing Will Be Achieved Without Consciously Choosing


Guarding The Gateway To Your Fears 

JUN 01

Choose To Move Forward, No Matter How Slowly


This Is Not The Time To Lie To Yourself 

AUG 03

Building On Compassion For Each Other 

SEP 07

Don’t Get Caught Up In Your Mind’s Ideas

OCT 05

Look Deep And Find Your Greatest Fear

NOV 02

Just Because You Encountered It, Does Not Mean You’ve Conquered It 

DEC 07

Bringing Yourself Through The Reality You Live In

JAN 06

The Journey Is Never A Straight Line

FEB 03

Asking Yourself What To Gain

MAR 03

Will Nothing Help You If Everything Is Messed Up?

APR 07

The Choice Specifically Required To Avoid Catastrophe


Reawakening To Your Understandings Of Life

JUN 02

Let’s Anchor Concepts Of Choice That You’ve Avoided

JUL 07 

How Many Of You Are Still Struggling To Achieve Nothing?

AUG 04

When The World Is Collapsing Around You, What Do You Choose To Survive?

SEP 01

Growing More Confident In A Variety Of Circumstances


OCT 06

This Is The Journey That You’ve All Been On Forever

NOV 03

Reexamining Your Achievements In This Series

DEC 01

Spend Your Love On All That Surrounds You

JAN 07

Who Are You As You Know Yourself Today? 

FEB 04

Having Learned About Yourself, Who Are You Now?

MAR 04

Why Are You Stuck On The Physical? 

APR 01

More Questions About Yourself


If You Pull This Thread, All Of Existence Will Unravel

JUN 03

The Fear Of Structure Not Surviving

JUL 01 

Knit Fast – You Have To Put It Together

AUG 05

Explore A New Definition Of Yourselves Today 

SEP 02

Using All That You’ve Learned, Does It Fit Who You Are Now?

OCT 07

It Would Be So Easy To Not Question

NOV 04

Finding The Reality Within The Reality Within The Realness And The Illusion 

DEC 02

Join Your Mind To The Environment To Find Yourself

Additional Information

 Study group calls take place on the first Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of every month. All study group calls begin at 6:00pm Merida, Mexico time. Sessions are conducted using the video conference app ZOOM and participants can attend from anywhere in the world. A toll-free number is available for North America for those who are unable to attend over video.


Each study group is recorded and made available for download. Study group particpants receive each study group recording via email. You can expect to receive the evening's study group recording within 15-20 minutes of the session.

Payment is made one month in advance and is charged automatically to your credit card on the first of each month. Attendance costs $165 per study group per month. Please note, new students will be charged for two months of study groups, or $330 upon registration. Notice of cancellation is due before the 15th of the month prior. All prices listed are in US dollars.