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Teacher Program

Uncover what holds you back in your own life, then help others do the same.

Becoming a teacher requires you to realize everything about yourself. To achieve this self realization, you will come face to face with the limitations you have learned and accepted. How far you are willing to explore will determine your level of certification.

Program Breakdown

How Many Levels Are There?

There are two teacher designations:

Apprentice Teacher and Certified Teacher

There are six levels for each designation for which you can be certified, meaning there are twelve levels in the entire program.

Higher levels require deeper exploration of yourself. The six levels of each designation are based on The Six Defining Statements of Existence. Hence, Level 1 relates to your ability to integrate and apply the first statement, Level 2 relates the same to the second statement, etc., etc.


Who is this program for?

This program is designed for anyone looking to study with The Wonders at a much more involved level. This is the most intense way to learn their material.