Workshops with The Wonders are live events that take place over a period of five days. The topics, titles, and sessions explored in workshops are chosen by The Wonders.

Workshops are the heart of our library. Every series includes recordings from past workshops. We invite you to explore all of the topics that The Wonders have explored over the years.

Relaxing dip

In 2021, The Wonders continue exploring the concept of spirituality. Although they have discussed this topics in previous workshops, they have spent the last three years creating the most comprehensive and ongoing overview of it to date.

They have uncovered what the spiritual component of life really is. They have shown its interconnections to politics, religion, society and more.

The Wonders challenge participants to review their own choices and gain clarity as to what movement they are creating, how they relate to the rest of the world and even what can be done to expand upon it in ways the participants may not have considered or thought possible.

To The Realization Of The Self

JAN 08 - 12, 2021

So this will be a workshop on basically your mind, your relationship to your mind, your mind’s relationship to you, the extent to which you’ve applied yourself, the extent to which you let it go and really, overall, a little bit of a fun exploration.

[ENDS DEC 11]:


Sufficiency And Its Applications To Your Existence

JAN 29 - FEB 02, 2021

So this will be a workshop that will explore in many, many ways sufficiency of the self, of the mind and of your existence and, hopefully provide you with a new and expanded understanding – perhaps just an expanded understanding – of what it is to be sufficient and change your mindset.

[ENDS JAN 01]:


Much As I Try, I Can’t Seem To Buy Love

FEB 19 - 23, 2021

This will be a workshop on loving yourself, understanding what it takes, exploring the concepts and the constructs around it, finding your own weaknesses and strengths in regards to this, realizing the extent to which you apply it and don’t, including some exploration of society’s norms around self-love. 

But as the last final session states, this workshop will need to be repeated because we don’t see anyone attending completely loving themselves. Prove us wrong.

[ENDS JAN 22]:


Expressing The Doubts Within Us

MAR 12-16, 2021

So this particular workshop will be very much an exploration, even though the titles are very simple, of self-doubt and realizing the extent to which it influences you, your psychologies, your belief structures, your habits, your patterns, your behaviors and how, in so doing, limits you.

[ENDS FEB 12]:


Here, There, Left, Right – What’s Next?

APR 30 - MAY 04, 2021

So this will be a workshop on nothing, about nothing that will take you everywhere without explaining nothing.

[ENDS APR 02]:


Understanding Awareness And Allowance Altogether Now

MAY 28 - JUN 01, 2021

Please check back for a full description of this workshop provided by The Wonders.

[ENDS APR 30]:




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