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Jach Pursel: Biography, Books and Facts

Updated: Apr 19

Did you know that Jach Pursel is celebrated worldwide for his remarkable ability to channel profound spiritual insights?

Imagine being able to access a world of wisdom that's way beyond what we usually know about life, how we think, and ways to heal. That's what makes Jach Pursel unique. He shares this incredible gift with the world by channeling messages from higher realms and guiding others on their own spiritual journeys.

Jach Pursel has garnered widespread acclaim for his exceptional talent as a channeler, a practice through which he communicates with non-physical entities to convey messages of wisdom, guidance, and inner healing. His ability to channel messages from other realms of consciousness has captivated audiences worldwide, earning him a reputation as one of the foremost spiritual leaders of our time.

Jach Pursel

In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the fascinating life and work of Jach Pursel. We'll learn about his journey towards becoming a channeler and author, and how his teachings have helped many people find spiritual growth, healing, and personal development.

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Jach Pursel - A Brief Biography

Jach Pursel, born on May 12, 1946, in Seattle, Washington, is a renowned channeler and spiritual teacher known for his profound insights and transformative teachings. 

From a young age, Pursel exhibited a keen interest in spirituality and the mysteries of the universe. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, he was deeply influenced by the natural beauty of the region, which sparked his curiosity about the interconnectedness of all things.

Pursel's spiritual journey took a significant turn in the 1970s when he experienced a series of profound mystical experiences that opened his mind to the possibility of communicating with higher realms of consciousness. These experiences led Pursel to explore various spiritual practices and philosophies, including meditation, yoga, and energy healing.

In 1983, Pursel's life changed forever when he began channeling a group of spiritual entities known as "Lazaris." Through his channeling sessions, Pursel received profound teachings and guidance on a wide range of topics, including personal growth, relationships, and the nature of reality. The wisdom conveyed by Lazaris resonated deeply with Pursel and inspired him to share these teachings with others.

Over the years, Pursel has dedicated himself to spreading the message of Lazaris through workshops, lectures, and books. His work has touched the lives of countless individuals around the world, offering insight, inspiration, and guidance for those on the path of spiritual growth and self-discovery.

Today, Jach Pursel continues to channel Lazaris and share their teachings with audiences worldwide. 

His Role as a Channeler

Lazaris is a collective of spiritual entities channeled by Jach Pursel, offering profound insights and guidance to individuals seeking personal growth and spiritual transformation. These entities, channeled through Pursel's consciousness, convey messages of wisdom, love, and empowerment, aimed at assisting humanity in navigating life's challenges and realizing its highest potential.

Lazaris is often described as a non-physical group consciousness existing on higher planes of existence, beyond the limitations of time and space. Through Pursel's channeling, they communicate with clarity and compassion, addressing a wide range of topics, including self-love, healing, manifestation, and the nature of reality.

Jach Pursel plays a vital role as the channel for Lazaris, acting as a conduit through which their messages can be conveyed to humanity. During channeling sessions, Pursel enters into an altered state of consciousness, allowing Lazaris to speak through him and share their teachings with others. Pursel's dedication to his role as a channeler and his deep connection with Lazaris have facilitated the transmission of their profound insights to audiences worldwide.

Through their collaboration, Pursel and Lazaris have authored numerous books, conducted workshops and seminars, and produced audio recordings, all aimed at assisting individuals in their personal and spiritual growth journeys. Pursel's role as the channel for Lazaris has had a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals, offering guidance, healing, and empowerment to those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe.

His Notable Books

Jach Pursel has authored several notable books that offer profound insights into spirituality, personal growth, and self-discovery. Among his most renowned works is "," a series of books that document the teachings and wisdom channeled from the entity known as Lazaris. In these books, Jach shares transformative messages on topics such as healing, manifestation, relationships, and spiritual awakening.

Another significant publication by Jach Pursel is "The Lazaris Material: Healing a Nation," which delves into the healing of individual nations and the world as a whole. Through the guidance of Lazaris, Jach explores the intricate connections between personal healing and global transformation, offering practical tools and meditations for fostering peace, harmony, and unity on a collective level.

Additionally, Jach Pursel has authored "Lazaris Interviews," a collection of interviews that provide deeper insights into the teachings of Lazaris and the process of channeling. These interviews offer valuable perspectives on spirituality, consciousness, and the nature of reality, inviting readers to explore profound truths and expand their awareness.

Overall, Jach Pursel's notable books serve as powerful resources for individuals on the path of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Through his collaboration with Lazaris, Jach offers timeless wisdom, guidance, and inspiration for navigating life's journey with greater awareness, insight, and empowerment.

Facts about Jach Pursel

Jach Pursel is a channeler and spiritual teacher known for his work with the entity Lazaris. Here are some key facts about Jach Pursel:

  1. Channeling Lazaris: Jach Pursel is known for his ability to channel Lazaris, an entity that offers profound wisdom and guidance. Through this channeling process, Jach has brought forth transformative teachings that have touched the lives of many.

  2. Transformational Workshops: Jach conducts workshops and seminars worldwide, where he shares the teachings of Lazaris and facilitates personal growth and healing experiences for participants.

  3. Collaboration with Parapsychologists: Pursel has collaborated with parapsychologists and researchers to study the phenomenon of channeling and its effects on consciousness and personal transformation.

  4. Multimedia Productions: In addition to books, Jach has produced multimedia materials, including audio recordings and videos, to disseminate the teachings of Lazaris and reach a broader audience.

  5. Integration of Psychology and Spirituality: Pursel's work bridges the realms of psychology and spirituality, offering insights into the human psyche and the spiritual dimensions of healing and personal growth.

  6. Global Impact: Jach Pursel's work has had a global impact, with followers and participants from diverse backgrounds and cultures seeking guidance and inspiration from the teachings of Lazaris.

  7. Philanthropic Efforts: Pursel is involved in philanthropic efforts, supporting causes related to education, healthcare, and environmental conservation.

  8. Continued Research: Pursel remains dedicated to ongoing research and exploration of consciousness, channeling, and the transformative power of spiritual teachings in everyday life.

These unique facts highlight Jach Pursel's significant contributions to the fields of spirituality, personal growth, and consciousness exploration.


The Impact of His Teachings

Jach Pursel's teachings have had a profound impact on individuals seeking spiritual healing and personal growth. Through his channeling sessions and books, Pursel has offered guidance, inspiration, and practical tools for navigating life's challenges and discovering one's true path.

Pursel's emphasis on self-discovery, spiritual awareness, and personal empowerment resonates deeply with seekers of truth and enlightenment. His teachings encourage individuals to explore the depths of their own consciousness, heal past wounds, and embrace their innate wisdom and potential.

Jach Pursel's teachings profoundly influence personal growth coaches like The Wonders, providing them with valuable insights and tools to help their clients undergo transformative change. By channeling Lazaris, Pursel shares teachings that explore consciousness, healing, and personal empowerment. 

Now, you may ask, why does a personal growth coach matter, and how do Pursel's teachings impact them? They integrate these teachings into their methods, guiding clients to explore their inner selves, overcome limitations, and unlock their inherent abilities. Pursel's focus on self-awareness, authenticity, and self-love resonates with personal growth coaches, motivating them to create a nurturing and empowering atmosphere for their clients' progress and evolution.


To sum up, Jach Pursel's life and works exemplify the power of channeling and spiritual exploration in facilitating personal growth and transformation. 

Through his channeling abilities and insightful teachings, Pursel has touched the lives of countless individuals, offering guidance, healing, and inspiration on the journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. 


1. Who is Jach Pursel?

Jach Pursel is a renowned channeler and spiritual teacher known for his ability to communicate with non-physical entities and convey messages of wisdom, guidance, and healing.

2. What is channeling?

Channeling is a practice through which individuals like Jach Pursel communicate with higher realms of consciousness to receive insights, teachings, and guidance.

3. What are some of Jach Pursel's notable works?

Some of Jach Pursel's notable works include the "Journeys with Lazaris" series, "The Lazaris Material: Healing a Nation," and "Lazaris Interviews," which offer profound insights into spirituality, personal growth, and self-discovery.

4. How has Jach Pursel's work impacted personal growth coaches?

Jach Pursel's teachings have profoundly influenced personal growth coaches, providing them with valuable insights and tools to facilitate transformative change in their clients' lives.

5. What makes Jach Pursel's teachings unique?

Jach Pursel's teachings are unique in their emphasis on self-discovery, spiritual awareness, and personal empowerment, resonating deeply with seekers of truth and enlightenment.


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