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When will I finally achieve vulnerability?

Putting The Wonders’ material into practice.

Openness and vulnerability are the keys to expressing yourself, your power and your brilliance.
Facing the parts of you that you don't want to see.

In last week’s Thursday study group, The Wonders likened the process of becoming vulnerable to that of peeling an onion – it has many layers. And just when you get the outer layer off and then the next ones after that, you realize there’s even more layers waiting for you to unsheathe. So is vulnerability a never-ending journey? Absolutely. But, don’t despair. Eventually you do get to a core that, when fully visible and unfiltered by fear, judgment and guilt, permeates your entire existence and supports and sustains your willingness to truly choose freely. So to anyone on the journey towards their own vulnerability, here’s the encouragement to realize how far you’ve come, how limitless the possibilities continue to be, and a reminder of how much of a relief it is to shed the layers you’ve been hanging onto and dragging with you for so long. And regardless of which layer you’re currently facing, remember that it doesn’t have to be hard. Let yourself feel the feelings that come up. Sit with the uncomfortableness of feeling them – over and over and over again until the uncomfortableness turns into calmness and contentment. Then let them go and keep making the choices you really want to make, not the choices your mind tells you should do, ought to do, and are “good” and safe to make.

The Wonders Vulnerability Course provides guidance and advice to help you on your own unique journey towards becoming open and vulnerable.
Mirror exercises are a great way to start uncovering the parts of yourself you've been avoiding.


To learn more about this topic, check out our Vulnerability course. You can also search for keywords such as "openness" and "vulnerability" in The Wonders Library.


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