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An Introduction Into The Cleanses The Wonders Most Commonly Recommend

Tips to help make your life easier.

Various Cleansing Protocols by The Wonders
In private sessions, The Wonders often recommend specific cleanses that would have the most benefit for your unique physical, mental, emotional and manifested spiritual needs.

During private sessions, The Wonders can provide you with health protocols as well as guidance into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

They may also recommend cleanses that would have immense benefit for your health. But if you’re new to cleansing, this part of your health and wellness journey may feel daunting at first. So we’ve broken down the main cleanses to help remind you that they are actually really easy –  and potentially even fun! – to do.

The Wonders often recommend liver cleanses during private sessions.
During private sessions, you can request a health protocol from The Wonders that will often include a series of liver cleanses.

1. The Liver Cleanse – a physical cleanse

Ah, our good old friend the Liver Cleanse. This is perhaps the MOST recommended cleanse by The Wonders as it forms an integral part of the health protocol.

The cleanse itself was created by Andreas Moritz and is described in great detail in his book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. You will need to review the book to get the details of how to complete the cleanse itself.

Some helpful tips about this cleanse for anyone who has never done one before is to not get too rigid about how to complete the cleanse(s). Often times, The Wonders will recommend you do several cleanses. In the book it outlines fairly rigid rules around how long to go between cleanses, what time of the year to do them, etc., etc. But you know what’s the easiest way to do them? The way that works best for you. If you can do cleanses every few weeks consistently, great. If not, they will still work. So, if you do a couple liver cleanses this year and some more next year, you’re still cleansing! And not feeling like you have to put your life on hold.

Quick tips for the liver cleanse:

Not every version of the book mentions the 10 drops of Black Walnut Hull Tincture in the cleanse recipe which are used to kill bacteria and viruses as they come out of the bile ducts with the stones. This is to be added to the grapefruit drink you take before bed.

Also, malic acid supplements are as effective as drinking actual apple juice and easier to take if you do not want to end up drinking apple juice for a week straight.

The Wonders can suggest how long to do a master cleanse for during a private session.
During a private session, you can ask The Wonders about whether a master cleanse would have benefit for your body and how long they would recommend to stay on it for.

2. The Master Cleanse – a mental and emotional cleanse

Ah, the most commonly misunderstood cleanse of the bunch. This is the second most recommended cleanse by The Wonders.

The cleanse itself is outlined in sources such as Good Nature, and is described in great detail on various websites. You will need to review the sites to get the details of how to complete the cleanse itself.

This cleanse will test the limits of your mental and emotional awareness and experiences. Although every cleanse has immense physical benefits, some cleanses focus on the mental, emotional and/or spiritual more so than the other cleanses will. This one is the mental and emotional one. This means that drinking the lemon juice and doing the flushes are like the tip of the iceberg. The power of this cleanse is in how it facilitates the mental fears, judgments and guilts you are hanging on to and the emotional repression that happens as a result of all of this.

In a nutshell, whatever you have been too afraid to feel inside of yourself will come out in spades during this cleanse. The longer you go, the more you will feel.

Does this mean that you will be curled up in the fetal position crying your eyes out? Hopefully not. But if that’s what it takes to bring up and release the toxic psychologies, behavior patterns and your unwillingness to choose differently, then this cleanse will help you get to and through that point.

Not eating physical food is so intimately related to our mental and emotional traumas and belief structures. This is why the fasting element of this cleanse is so pivotal in not just pressing the reset button for your physical body and bringing it back to a state of balance, but it will help you come face to face with the mental and emotional components that are and continue to be in the way of helping you choose a state of health and then consciously maintaining that state.

The Wonders Cleanse is a powerful way to cleanse physically, mentally, emotionally and physically.
The Wonders provided their very own cleanse that you can learn more about in the Various Cleansing Protocols by The Wonders series in The Wonders Library.

3. The Wonders’ Cleanse – a spiritual cleanse

This cleanse is not as often recommended, but it is a whopper.

This cleanse was given by The Wonders during the Various Cleansing Protocols by The Wonders workshop. The cleanse itself is outlined in this workshop and is described in great detail along with Q&As about it from the participants with The Wonders. You will need to review the workshop to get the details of how to complete the cleanse itself. The recipe for the cleanse The Wonders give in this series is in session number four.

This cleanse is like planting a tree in your backyard – it may not look big at first but over time you will be staring up at it thinking to yourself how it could have possibly grown so tall.

This cleanse intensely focuses on your willingness to make different choices. After you’ve done the physical, mental and emotional cleansing of the others, you will find that there is more to cleansing than just drinking tinctures and mixtures and going to the bathroom a lot (like a lot, a lot).

This indescribable yet infinitely consequential aspect is the manifested spiritual component of your life. This cleanse will help you face the parts of your life you’ve been avoiding for a long, long time. Questions like, “Am I really happy or am I convincing myself that I’m happy enough?” and “Are these ideas and feelings really mine or did I take them on from other people and sources around me?” may come up. The thing about this cleanse is once you open Pandora’s box, you can’t undo it. Sure, you can close it. But whatever was in there has come out. Coming face to face with what you are capable of and desirous of choosing is great. But if you hit a wall and get scared and want to backpedal to where you were, you will never go back to being the same again. Once the blindfold comes off, you cannot unsee what this cleanse helps you uncover.


One thing that many clients of The Wonders struggle with is striving for perfection. Yet, the one thing The Wonders recommend most often is realizing that perfection does not exist. What’s the point of cleansing if it’s a stressful and unpleasant experience? So, do the best you can with what you have and find the way to do the cleansing that is most enjoyable and relaxing for you and your unique life circumstances.

Listen to your body and your intuition and get help when needed. The Wonders are not a certified medical body. The information they give and the information that we provide on this website is for educational purposes only and is not designed to substitute or replace professional medical advice. Consult your physician for medical advice about these cleanses.


To learn more about this topic, check out our Health & Wellness course. You can also search for keywords such as "health" and "cleanse" in The Wonders Library.


The Wonders are a collective consciousness channeled by deep trance channeler Réné Gaudette. Réné channels The Wonders in a deep trance state. He has recorded every session by The Wonders and amassed an entire audio library of their material. You can listen to all of the recordings in The Wonders Library. You can schedule a session with The Wonders and attend all events by The Wonders through The Wonders Hub.


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