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Why does everyone eventually stop listening to The Wonders?

Tips to help make your life easier.

In our Fear course, The Wonders provide powerful guidance on commanding yourself through fear.
Trying to avoid fear is futile. Fear is inside of you. The only way past it is through it.

Most people that find The Wonders start off feeling excited, motivated and truly passionate about listening to The Wonders' material, asking The Wonders endless questions, and trying out a lot of the concepts that The Wonders present.

As time goes on, however, the feeling of excitement and motivation wanes. The longer they listen, the less they find the passion to continue. And most people eventually stop listening to The Wonders completely. Often, they convince themselves that there’s too much to do, there’s more important things they need to do, the material hasn’t “worked” for them and sometimes they find other sources of information that they believe are way better for them.

There’s only a handful of individuals that have continued to study regularly with The Wonders by attending events and listening to the material.

So, what gives?

No more excuses. Face your fears.
The excuses you give yourself for avoiding fear lead to more severe events and consequences down the road.

Why does everyone give up?

The short answer is, it gets real. A lot of The Wonders’ material is interesting as a concept, yet very different as an experience. For example, the idea of limitlessness is exhilarating. Yet, when faced with opportunities to make different choices, the experience may be way more frightening and uncomfortable than most people expect. It’s easy to cozy up with a coffee and put on a recording by The Wonders. Not so easy to persevere when you’re scared shitless and you feel absolutely out of control.

The Wonders’ material is experiential. It's not just information that will entertain you while you think about it and never do anything with it.

The Wonders will constantly show you areas of your life you can expand. At first, you’ll love seeing opportunities you didn’t realize were there. But The Wonders don’t stop showing you ways to change, ever. And the more you change, the most intense the feeling of uncomfortableness becomes.

Eventually, everyone hits a wall. It’s a wall of fear that is so great, that it feels like it will literally destroy you.

If you don’t know what that means, then chances are you haven’t hit that wall for yourself yet. But one day, even without ever having listened to a single word The Wonders have said, you will find yourself in a circumstance, an event, a moment in your life where you will feel fear so intense, so visceral, so strong, that you will fear actually dying from it.

Maybe it’s the death of a loved one. Maybe it’s a life-threatening accident or injury. Maybe it’s a full-bore mental breakdown that you fear you may never recover from. Maybe it’s something else that touches the core of your being.

Regardless, it happens. And why does it happen? Because part of the experience of incarnation is to grow. And sometimes the movement of life, soul essence, and choice made on levels far beyond the ego come together in a way that literally shocks the ego into paying attention.

Fear is not real. Facing it frees you.
Fear is an illusion. The only way past it is through it.

The benefit of having listened to The Wonders is that when you find yourself in the inescapable grip of paralyzing fear, you know one message that they drill into every recording, every session and every time they speak: you can choose.

Even in the paralysis of the most intense fear you have ever experienced, you can choose. And then you can make another choice. And then another. And another.

And that awareness alone can make the difference between life-altering events that become transformational and beneficial to your life and the events that are perceived as destructive and catastrophic.

One of the earliest series The Wonders put out was Busting The Illusion Of Fear. Why? To let people know right away that as massive, as overwhelming, as petrifying as fear may seem, these feelings are the fear of fear. Fear itself does not feel like anything. It’s just a presence, something that exists in this reality.

Don't Panic. Just keep choosing.
Panic fuels the fear of fear. Choice allows you to command yourself through fear. Choosing instead of panicking is a skill you can hone.

Unfortunately, the only way to experience this concept is to come up to these walls of fear and to go through them to get to the other side.

And even more unfortunately, most people, when faced with these walls, turn around and start backtracking.

The problem with never going through the walls of the illusion of fear is that the walls get higher and higher, eventually only allowing you to live a small, controlled, “safe” life that can only exist inside of the parameters of what you’re comfortable with. And the “safer” a life you try to create, the more shit happens and with even more intensity. It’s almost like if you’re not willing to proactively face these walls of fear, the universe will do it for you. And when you wait so long that the universe has to do it for you, the intensity sky rockets.

So The Wonders, being the trusty sidekicks that they are, will never stop reminding you that the wall is not real and you can get through it.

The Wonders course on Fear guides listeners to first face and then get through their fears.
As scary as it may seem, getting through fear is possible. And it is essential for true mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing.

But, what’s the solution to not giving up? It’s really quite simple. Ask for help.

The Wonders are one source of guidance and they are an absolutely amazing source. But don’t stop there. Surround yourself with as many sources as possible to help get you through the rough times.

Find the people that will be encouraging yet still challenging to you and your choices. The ones that will celebrate your wins and keep motivating you to your next movements.

Find people you can talk to. Whether it’s a therapist, a person you trust or a community that you can lean on, seek them all out and avail yourself of the support they offer as often as you can.

Create a support system that will help you not just come up to these walls of fear, but one that will also help you get through them.

So the next time The Wonders help you come face to face with an area of your life you are desperate to change but are terrified of changing, take a moment. Take a breath. Then realize you have all of the talents, abilities and resources you need to help you execute the changes you so urgently need.

The Wonders offer support and guidance to managing and reducing fear and stress.
First, become aware of your fears. Then, face them. Finally, get through and past them.

To learn more about this topic, check out our Fear course. You can also search for keywords such as "fear" and "illusion" in The Wonders Library. 


The Wonders are a collective consciousness channeled by deep trance channeler Réné Gaudette.  Réné channels The Wonders in a deep trance state. He has recorded every session by The Wonders and amassed an entire audio library of their material. You can listen to all of the recordings in The Wonders Library.  You can schedule a session with The Wonders and attend all events by The Wonders through The Wonders Hub.


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